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Effective 27 May 2015

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View our catalogue and price list by simply flipping through the Virtual Catalogue pages. Just click on the moving image!

Mouldings are photographed and printed Actual Size on the A4 page.

Please call or email to check size or to request a 2" sample before ordering.

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View Catalogue PDF

Our catalogue illustrates all mouldings Actual Size as printed on A4 size paper and is reproduced as accurately as possible. Colours may vary depending on the quality and settings of your printer or screen. Prices are listed in the separate PDF below. Mouldings no longer listed in the price list have been discontinued.

Renaissance Mouldings Printed Catalogue Amendment (Online Catalogue now Corrected)

Page 15.  179-WAL should read 112-WAL (measures 20mm) and 112-WAL should read 179-WAL (measures 29mm). Please amend your printed catalogue.

View Price List PDF - January 2015

Price List includes the latest Moulding Price List, mountboard prices and sundry and equipment product lines.

Click for a printed copy by post or email us.

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