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Essential Information about Picture Frame Moulding

How long are moulding lengths?

This is the question we are asked most frequently. Moulding lengths are non-standard and vary between 2 and 3 metres. The reason is simply the manufacturing process and the length of the original tree trunk and how it can be cut into usable lengths. We are unable to specify length/pack sizes until your order is picked in the warehouse.

Orders may be placed in a number of ways:

Metres - We will assume the quantity given is your minimum requirement eg. 6m may equate to 3 x 2.7m lengths = 8.1m in total as 2 x 2.7m lengths = 5.4m and would not reach the quantity ordered.

Lengths - We will send the quantity of lengths requested however long or short they are.

Packs - We will send the whole pack size but please remember that some packs could be 24 metres or more so it is best to state how many lengths you are expecting or your maximum.

NB. Some of our competitors will only sell by the pack and you will, therefore, have to purchase minimums of 6 metres, 12 metres, 24 metres etc for each moulding you order. We do not impose this restriction as we know you do not want to keep stock of lengths you are not going to use. Please, however, see our note on minimum orders for safe transit.

How can I check Colours or Finishes?

If an exact finish or colouring of a moulding is essential, please first request a free of charge 2" sample.

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