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Knives & Blades


Knife - Heavy Duty Snap-Off

18mm large Heavy Duty Knife with retractable blades which can be snapped-off when worn to gain new blade points.

Unit: Each

Product Code: KNIFE-SNAP18MM

Blades - Snap Off 18mm

Replacement blades for the 18mm large Heavy Duty Snap-off Knife.

Unit: Tube 10

Product Code: BLADES-SNAP18MM

Knife - Stanley Type

Metal stanley type utility knife with metal handle and retractable blade.

Unit: Each

Product Code: KNIFE-ST

Blades - Stanley Type Heavy Duty

Type 1992 blade. 60mm long. Heavy Duty .025 thick. Fits Keencut 4000, C&H G-60 and others and most hand held knives.

Unit: Box 100

Product Code: BLADES-STHD

Blades - Stanley Type Standard

Type 1991 blade. 50mm long. Medium Duty .017. Double-honed. Suits Keencut 4000 and Ultimat, C&H G-60, Signature, Carithers, etc.

Unit: Box 100

Product Code: BLADES-ST

Blades - Backed Personna

Backed Single Edge Personna 61-0095 Blades. 40mm x 19mm. Heavy Duty .012.

Unit: Box 100

Product Code: BLADES-201/012

Blades - Personna Equivalent

Blades equivalent to Personna 61-0039 Thickness .017. 45mm x 19mm.

Unit: Box 100

Product Code: BLADES-310/017

Blades - Fletcher Professional Mat Cutter

Fletcher professional mountcutter blades. Single Edge .012 Super Keen. Fletcher 05-012.

Unit: Box 100

Product Code: BLADES-FLMAT

Logan Mountcutter Blades 270 - Box 100

Blades for Logan straight cutters and the Logan mountcutting knife.

Unit: Box 100

Product Code: LOGAN-BLD270-100

Logan Mountcutter Blades 270 - Pack 10

Blades for Logan straight cutters and the Logan mountcutting knife.

Unit: Pack 10

Product Code: LOGAN-BLD270

Logan Mountcutter Blades 324 - Pack 20

Blades for the Logan Oval Cutter.

Unit: Pack 20

Product Code: LOGAN-BLD324

Logan Mountcutter Blades 269 - Box 100

Blades for the Logan 650 Framers Edge Mount Cutter.

Unit: Each

Product Code: LOGAN-BLD269

Logan Foamboard Cutter Blades 492 - Pack 5

Blades for the Logan Foamboard Cutter.

Unit: Pack 5

Product Code: LOGAN-BLD492
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